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Looking for a unique travel experience? Imagine going on a journey with fellow travellers from around the world, all sharing the same skill, passion and goals. Sounds like a good recipe. Right?


Values in SatoriCamp

We're a platform for matching and booking unique camp experiences and well-being trips in Southeast Asia.

Discover Well-being Travel

Embark on a vacation that not only brings joy but also focuses on your personal growth.

Building Friendships

Build lasting relationships with like-minded people through SatoriCamp's exclusive matching feature.

The Essense of Camp

Experience the magic of a CAMP through a unique combination of accommodations, activities, and shared moments throughout your stay.

Booking Assistance

Booking and matching support in English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.



Unforgettable Experiences Await

Our featured camps are carefully selected to offer the pefect mix to for healthy work-life balance


Find The Ideal Destination

Embark on a journey to Southeast Asian destinations with SatoriCamp. Our first stop is the Philippines, a land of vibrant culture and stunning natural beauty awaiting your exploration.


What our travelers say

Check out the fun stories from some of our global travellers. And imagine how would it be like for you!

Excellent matching service

“I had amazing time in the Yoga retreat. Thanks. The SatoriCamp team helped me to find the best retreat for me. I sent them my camp preference and the they match me with fellow travellers who later became my best friends. Thanks”

Excellent matching service

Andrea Milan

a year ago


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Share your preferences, and let SatoriCamp's intuitive matching feature connect you with like-minded travelers. We personalize your matches based on age, hobbies, goals, skills, and more.